Breeding Terms
$2,000 Stud Fee (Fresh or Chilled)
For Initial Contact...Please fill out the Bitch Information form and email to along with the bitch's registration, pedigree, clearances BEFORE it is time to breed (at least give a few days notice).  You can "call in" progesterone numbers each day.  No semen can be shipped without the Bitch Information form. 

Breeding Service Fee Alternative

Because of the struggles with the current economy, we will now offer a breeding service fee alternative.  You can choose to pay a "deposit" of $500 at the time of breeding and the balance of the stud fee would be due when the litter is registered. 

As the stud dog owner we reserve the right to refuse a breeding at any time, for any reason. 

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Susan and Dan Yates
Rebel Land Labradors