Breeding Terms
$1,800 Stud Fee (Fresh or Chilled)
For Initial Contact...Please fill out the Bitch Information form and email to along with the bitch's registration, pedigree, clearances BEFORE it is time to breed (at least give a few days notice).  You can "call in" progesterone numbers each day.  No semen can be shipped without the Bitch Information form!

If you come to us for a side by side AI, you will still need the Bitch Information form!  If this is a Re-breed, you will still need a current Bitch Information form!

Since timing is essential for a successful breeding, please report progesterone results after each test by email and text.  If you do not receive an ackowledgement that your message has been received, please follow up with a phone call.

1.  All Stud Fees are due before any semen will be shipped and before any Bitch will be bred onsite.  Stud Fee can be paid by cash, check or credit card.  Credit card transaction are subject to a 4% additional charge for fees.  Make checks payable to Susan Yates.

2.  All breedings are guaranteed to produce a litter.  A litter shall be considered a litter if at least two (2) live puppies are whelped.

3.  If the bitch fails to produce a litter, re-breeds will be given within a period of 2 years.  If the original stud is no longer available, the bitch owner may choose any other stud dog, with an equal stud fee that is owned by Rebel Land Labradors.  If the original bitch is no longer available to breed, another bitch may be substituted.  There will be no REFUNDS of stud fees.

4.  The bitch owner will be responsible for any expenses pertaining to transport of dogs, boarding, additional progesterone testings, purchase of semen shipping boxes and overnight shipping for each chilled semen shipping.

5.  It is recommended the Bitch Owner create their own FedEx account.  If you choose to have us bill you for the FedEx charges, there is an additional $15 charge per shipment (and an additional 4% for credit card transactions).

6.  After the litter is whelped, the Bitch Owner should initiate registration of the litter with AKC at  AKC will then contact us for confirming the litter.  We agree to approve your AKC registrations in a timely manner.

7.  As the stud dog owner, we reserve the right to refuse a breeding at any time, for any reason.

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