Ranch Critters
"Lucille" and "Bluebell"
with "Jack" 

"Lucille" and "Bluebell"
"Canadian Geese"
Every year a pair of geese lay their eggs on the small island in our "tank".  Mom sits on the nest around 30 days.  They produce around 5 or 6 goslings each year.
Donkeys are quite comical and very entertaining!

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Male on the left.
Female on the right.  Comical and fun to watch!
"Cows cooling off in the pond"
"Donald" is retired from the Texas A&M Jumping Team.
Just living his best life!
"Barn Cats"
"Tar Baby" and "Bat Masterson" work hard to keep mice/rats out of the feed.  These boys are supposed to be "feral", but are tame!
"Mr. Red Bird"