Seawind's Sassy Suzy at Rebel Land
SR31327402        DOB:  12-19-05
OFA Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal
Champion Pointed - Champion Producer
RIP my beautiful "Sassy"!   I would NOT be where I am today without the contributions this bitch made to my breeding program here at Rebel Land Labradors! She produced quite a few very nice puppies, including "CH Rebel Land's Peyton Manning" and "Rebel Land's Just Whistling Dixie" who are Rebel Land favorites!  We get emails, texts, photos, and Christmas cards from owners of Sassy puppies who excel as family companions and as avid hunters!
Gone But Not Forgotten
Seawinds Calypso Callie At Rebel Land
SR70896302      DOB: 9-24-2011
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal
~Major Pointed
Callie was one of those heart dogs!  She could go anywhere with me and was so mild mannered and kind with the biggest sold gold heart in the world. She left us way too soon!  I loved showing Callie, I just let her have the lead and she floated beside me.  I'm so lucky to have the years I got with this special girl, "my girl"!  She was never in a bad mood her whole life!  RIP beautiful girl.
9-24-11 to 2-16-18